MOUZ Players and Coach Shared Their Impressions of IEM Cologne 2022

MOUZ was eliminated from IEM Cologne 2022 after losing to Astralis. However, the players and the team coach commented on their performance on the tournament stage.

What a scene, can't wait to be back. In general, I am very proud of how we managed to get together and, finally, perform well. Ggwp Astralis. Counter-Strike can be so beautiful.
Dennis Sycrone Nielsen
What an experience. Thanks to each and every one of you for coming and supporting, it was fun!
David frozen Chernyansky
I'm so proud of us, our first time on stage. I will remember this forever. Sorry we couldn't win, but the crowd encouraged us. GGWP Astralis.
Christopher dexter Nong
Lost against Astralis 1:2 GG! Playing on one of the most prestigious stages in the history of CS was a fantastic experience! I could have done more, but the season is over for us! Thanks to everyone who cheered for us! See you next time!
Adam torzsi Torzhash

At IEM Cologne 2022, MOUZ took 5th-6th place. Christopher dexter Nong's team earned $40,000. You can continue to follow the championship here.