ESL reveal the schedule for Pro League Season 14

ESL reveal the schedule for Pro League Season 14

It's about time

ESL have finally announced the schedule for the upcoming season of Pro League.

Fourteenth edition of the premier competition is going to start with a group stage. Sextet A, featuring the likes of Heroic (defending champions), Astralis and Team Vitality is going to start on August, 16th and play for five days, until the end of August, 20th. Only then other groups are going to continue.

Group B is going to start on August, 21st, group C - on August, 27th, while group D will open on September, 1st with Gambit Esports facing TeamOne yet again. Each day will have three best of three sets and the fifth one will have all games played at the same time - rule, which was used during the last ESL Pro League season as well.

Mark the date in your calendars, as August, 16th will bring Heroic facing a rejuvenated Bad News Bears squad, Team Vitality clashing with ENCE Esports, who surprised many during the last season and Astralis facing off against Team Spirit, who seek their return to the top-10 in rankings.