Source 2 in Twitter Trends: the CS:GO Community is Anticipating the Release of the Update

Source 2 in Twitter Trends: the CS:GO Community is Anticipating the Release of the Update

Here is how players are waiting for a new engine.

Rumors about CS:GO on Source 2 appear daily, there is more and more hype in the community, and the number of players waiting for a new version of the game is increasing every day. The topic "CS:GO Source 2" even got into Twitter trends. But how did it all start? Why is the entire community in anticipation? We are answering this in this article.

The appearance of the csgo2.exe file in the NVIDIA control panel

A large wave of information began with a small piece of news that shook part of the community. Dataminers found a mention of csgo2 in the NVIDIA control panel - this panel manages video card drivers and stores all presets for all games ever launched on users' computers.

CSGO2 in the NVIDIA control panel
CSGO2 in the NVIDIA control panel

And on March 3, dataminers discovered for the first time that two new ones appeared in the list of .exe files: csgo2.exe and csgos2.exe. This meant that someone was definitely testing a new version of CS. However, this news did not cause such a stir that the following rumor was created.

Article by Richard Lewis

The loudest event of the last few weeks was a large article by Richard Lewis, in which he collected all the information he could find out about the so-called Counter-Strike 2. The journalist communicated with many sources in the game industry and published a considerable amount of data about the new version of the game, including the fact that CS on Source 2 will be released this month.

And that was the point at which the community exploded. Managers from different teams began to write posts with wishes, news, and jokes about Source 2. Questions and discussions of the new engine began to appear on Reddit, and players entered the phase of active anticipation.

And when dataminers also confirmed that the update would be released in the coming days, even more users joined the "Source 2 club".

More information about the update

On March 7, a patch for Dota 2 was released. And Dota 2 has long since switched to Source 2, which means that the information about the CS update should have appeared in the patch because the two games will share the engine. So dataminers immediately began to disassemble the Dota 2 patch and found a lot of new data.

In the new lines, we found information about the new network code, namely the "subtick" system, which looks promising. Naturally, this warmed up the community even more. At the same time, an important fact was that DLC appeared in the CS:GO database, which spoke of a major update.

More developer activity

After that, the database was regularly updated every 2-3 days. New information was less important than the fact that it appears and the work is done. Professional players caught up with even more hype. For example, Finn Karrigan Andersen looked like he knew something about CS 2, but he didn't say anything.

Other players said that they were already testing the game until Alexander s1mple Kostylev said that it was all a prank to raise even more noise in the community. And dataminers continued saying the update would be released in the next few days.

Players were expecting an update tonight, which is why the topic of CS:GO Source 2 was trending on Twitter yesterday. However, this did not happen, but fans should not despair: the update is clearly on the way.

The CS:GO update to Source 2 is still not out, so the story continues, and players are still waiting for news from Valve. How long will the wait last?