"flamie", "pashaBiceps" and "bodyy" - who are the subs at PGL Major Stockholm?

Some familiar names might show up.

With PGL Major Stockholm 2021 introducing rules, where being symptomatic to COVID-19 during the event might end up with a player’s disqualification and team having to use substitutes, it is about time to look up who teams have up on their bench.

Some of the squads have their coach as an official substitute - twelve to be exact. Among those teams are Heroic with “Xizt” potentially returning to the server, Gambit Esports CEO “groove” and Evil Geniuses head coach “daps”, who has recently stood-in for EG during their European trip in the beginning of the fall. Two of the teams, MOUZ and BIG went with their Academy players, “JDC” and “Aqua” respectively, while Team Liquid, for example, threw a haymaker with “pashaBiceps” supporting the team, as the famous Pole is streaming under the TL banner. Some of the squads went to their roots with “kennyS” being behind G2 Esports, “allu” with ENCE Esports or “ztr” for Ninjas in Pyjamas, but some went with the very interesting options we are going to list below.

flamie - ex-Natus Vincere star is preparing for NAVI Junior’s trip to WePlay Academy League Season 2 Finals, but might be in need for Entropiq, as he is listed as their emergency sub.


NaToSaphiX - arguably the best stand-in in the history of CS:GO is behind Copenhagen Flames at the event, ready to enter the server any second.

bodyy - one of the DBL PONEY stars will be with Team Vitality during PGL Major Stockholm 2021, as the French unit surely regrets new Valve rules and “Nivera” playing competitive VALORANT because of it.

Will we see any of the substitute players in action in Stockholm? Only time will tell, but for now, only few days are left until the beginning of the event!