The List of Teams Invited to RMR Tournaments Has Become Known

Fifteen teams were invited directly.

IEM Rio Major 2022 is approaching, and RMR events will start soon. Yesterday, ESL published the dates for the start of open qualifiers, and today the tournament operator revealed the list of teams that will go directly to the events.

15 teams invited to RMR
15 teams invited to RMR

All the teams that made it to the new stage of the Legends of the previous Major were invited to the RMR tournaments. European RMR A got: FaZe, Spirit, NIP, G2, Cloud9, and Bad News Eagles. Invited to European RMR B: Natus Vincere, ENCE, Heroic, Vitality, BIG, Outsiders. On the American RMR will play FURIA, Imperial, and Liquid.

All other places will be allocated through open qualifiers. So nobody got to the Asian RMR directly.