Two new organizations enter WePlay Academy League

WePlay announced the third season of the Academy League

The first important tournament of the year has been announced. WePlay Academy League starts on January 3rd and will feature 10 academy teams supported by significant organizations.

MOUZ NXT will defend their title once again
MOUZ NXT will defend their title once again

Two newcomers are Eternal Fire Academy and Spirit Academy, who has resurrected this project not long ago. The other eight had been taking part in the league before. The intrigue of the third season is MOUZ NXT, who won two previous seasons and looking forward to gaining another trophy. However, according to the recent rumors, it could be a difficult season for the academy as MOUZ are planning to change the main roster, and their academy might lose valuable players.

The first part of the league will be conducted online and starts on January 3rd ending on January 16th. The finals of WePlay Academy League Season 3 will take place in February.