Zews Announced His Retirement

The legendary coach leaves the stage.

Today, Wilton zews Prado announced his retirement from CS: GO as a coach.

Zews retired
Zews retired

In a statement, zews said:

Esports has a very busy life. We were on the road for six years, did not call home, ate poorly, and worked. I miss it, but I can't do it.
Wilton zews Prado

Zews already ended his playing career in 2016, but after this statement, the teams under his leadership continued to show good results. Zews has worked with Luminosity, SK, Liquid, MIBR, and Evil Geniuses. As a coach, the Brazilian won 5 tournaments, two of which were majors.

Since August 2021, zews has been a free agent and has health problems preventing him from returning. In April, he suffered a heart attack.