mouz survive against BIG, progress to EPL S14 Ro12

mouz survive against BIG, progress to EPL S14 Ro12

Came back from a "0-2" start to the event.

Battle for the playoffs.

Both BIG and mousesports kept their chances of making it to the Ro12 of ESL Pro League Season 14, but while mouz simply needed to win the series, BIG required to get some help from its opponents in the other sets.

Snatching an eco round win in the beginning of Nuke, mousesports ran away with the first half, securing a solid five round lead going into their defence. BIG, however, did not tap out despite moving to the offense, as they reduced the deficit by two, but in the end mouz managed to overwhelm its opposition for a “16-12”. Going to Dust2, it was all BIG, however, as the German team ran rampant in the first half, taking a “9-4” lead. mousesports managed to get to the halftime with six rounds in the bag, but it did not get any easier afterwards, as Mirage was forced after a “16-7” overall score. mouz started the map with a “5-2” but BIG got to the break with a three round lead, however, a massive “1v3” by “frozen” completely shifted the momentum. mousesports were in control of the economy for the entire map, as they did not allow BIG to win consecutive rounds and advanced to the playoffs with a “16-12”, “2-1”.

mouz will now await their opponent in the Ro12, while BIG need to prepare for the IEM Fall tournament to guarantee themselves a berth at the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.