SKADE win Pinnacle Cup Season 3

SKADE get the title after an unexpected win over Vitality in the quarterfinals.

Pinnacle Cup 3 has come to a close, and the team to take the championship turned out to be unpredictable.

SKADE had a difficult journey in the playoffs. The team faced MOUZ NXT, Vitality, and Tricked. However, they managed to make every match 2-0 in their favor and advance to the grand final.

In the grand final, SKADE faced Copenhagen Flames. In previous rounds, CPH Flames took down ENCE and Dignitas.

SKADE win Pinnacle Cup Season 3
SKADE win Pinnacle Cup Season 3

SKADE picked Overpass and annihilated their opponents in the first half. CPH Flames didn’t have any chance and were able to win only four rounds on the CT side. After the sides switched, SKADE quickly finished the game 16-4.

CPH Flames picked Nuke and collapsed again. SKADE won 11 rounds on the CT side. In the second half Bulgarian team continued to dominate and won the map 16-6.

SKADE won the event and gained $100,000.